His Electrifying Rock Music Performance Paralyzed The Audience. OMG!

In this age of the internet, everything good gets to go viral and reach millions of people in a very short while. There’s a reason some videos get so many views, and you’ll find that out right now!

So it’s March, 2016, and this rock band is about to steal the people’s heart with one heck of a performance. Disturbed is a famous rock band. With Draiman as the lead singer, this band has captured hearts and more hearts with their deeply moving heavy metal beats. They’re doing just that this time too!

On this occasion, Disturbed drops by Conan to pull off an incredible performance of one of their best tracks from their new album. It’s a rendition of Garfunkel and Simon’s“The Sound of Silence” produced back in 1965. You might think that an old folk song wouldn’t much good in 2016, but wait till Draiman’s voice breaks out!

The song is so cool that this video has now hit over 21 million views on YouTube, and counting! Watch it hear and love it.

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