Two Cats Suddenly Started Arguing On The Road. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction. Epic!

Fighting is not the answer, my mother used to say. Sometimes you can’t help it, your emotions are in an uproar, you can’t hold it in and boom, you exchange blows with someone. Fights are scary to watch; you just know someone is going to get hurt – but trying to stop a fight may get you hurt.

The video shows two black cats locked in a dangerous fight – you can hear the growling and the sharp claws making a scratching sound. Then a big black dog walks up to the cats and gets really close. The cats stopped fighting – but not growling and posturing. A few moments later, the dog walked away – and, you guessed, the cats were back at it. Suddenly three dogs ran in and broke up the fight!

Maybe, these cats are professionals and the dogs are referees and … well, on second thought, probably not!

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