This Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace Has Music Fans Across The Country In Awe

When a performance from 2014 reemerges in 2016, you know it’s something special.

And that’s exactly what happened with this performance from country music rising star Natalie Stovall.

We’ve lost one of the grand ladies of the Grand Ole Opry

Originally featured on “The Bobby Bones Show” two years ago, the big-haired blonde delighted a syndicated radio audience with her performance of the heartbreaking hymn “Amazing Grace.” At the time, one fan called the performance “a mix between Fergie and Jesus.”

And just this month, the radio talk show host decided to give the performance a rebirth for country fans who have long rooted for Natalie. Fans may recall, in fact, that Natalie and her fiddle made their Grand Ole Opry debut at the tender age of just 12 years old, and she’s been a longtime country fixture with her backing band, The Drive.

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