She Thinks Disney World Proposal Is The Surprise, Then Fiance Tells Her To Look Down The Path

Clifton describes his now-wife as a Disney World fanatic, and over the course of their relationship, she has turned him into one, too. So, when it came time to pop the question, Clifton immediately knew where he wanted to ask her — at Disney World, by Cinderella’s Castle.

Clifton convinced his family to spend their vacation in Disney World, and she had no idea he asked her parents to be there on the big day.

After she says “yes!” she goes to call her parents to tell them the big news, but they were watching from the bushes across the promenade the entire time!

As Mom and Dad walk up behind her, Clifton says, “Turn around.” And she collapses on the ground in tears, in complete and utter shock. Best reaction ever.

“As you can tell from the video, all of this was just a little overwhelming for her, but it couldn’t have turned out any better,” Clifton wrote on YouTube.

Now this is what true love is all about.

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