She Sings Opera, But Leaves The Judges In Shock When She Transitions To ‘Highway To Hell’

Cristina Ramos blew away the judges when she auditioned for Spain’s Got Talent. She started out with a classic opera song, which did not impress the judges very much, but then she quickly turned up the energy by transitioning to a rock song. It completely faked out the judges!

Standing onstage in a long, black gown, Cristina began to show off her powerful voice with an opera performance. While she’s obviously talented, opera was not the type of music that would get the audience and judges up off their seats. Suddenly, in the middle of her performance, Cristina grabs her dress and quickly rips it off. Then, the music intensifies as it transitions to AC\DC’s classic, “Highway to Hell.” Everyone’s jaws immediately dropped!

This performance was good enough for Cristina to earn a golden buzzer, which sent her straight to the live rounds.

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