Patrick Swayze’s Soul-Piercing Love Ballad Will Leave You In Tears

He never stopped stealing our hearts, and his tribute to undying love will forever leave us all in a sobbing heap from its enchanting lyrics and his beautiful voice.

Patrick Swayze co-wrote this one-of-a-kind ballad with Stacy Widelitz in 1984, just a few short years before it captured the world by storm!

She’s Like The Wind is one of those songs that you never forget, and the producers of Dirty Dancing knew that the instant Swayze played it for them.

Charting all they way to the No. 3 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, and dominating the Adult Contemporary chart at No. 1, this angelic masterpiece surely had the world falling in love! (At least with the song!)

While he passed away in 2009, Patrick Swayze will forever remain in our hearts as an irreplaceable talent, and unforgettable icon!

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