Officer Spot Large, Wild Cougar Caught In A Trap, Bravely Rescue It And Set It Free

While saving and rescuing animals is an incredible thing to do, rescuing a wild cougar who has never interacted with humans is very dangerous. In fact, hearing what these men were about to do nearly made my heart skip a beat!

Despite the obvious dangers regarding the situation, these men were determined to free the poor animal. This video is proof that there are plenty of people in the world who sacrifice their lives everyday to help others, animals included. We need to appreciate and thank these everyday heroes for their selfless acts!

In the video below, a cougar is stuck on a mountain top with his arm trapped. The officers slowly move in to help, but he growls and hisses whenever they come near. It’s probably good that he wasn’t able to move, otherwise the officers would be in real danger. But watch the video to see how they managed to rescue the cougar. This video sent shivers down my spine!

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