Mom asks toddler who drew on her mirror. You Won’t Believe Who He Blames.

Mom walks into her bedroom and is shocked by the sight she sees. She sees her adorable toddler standing beside her bedroom mirror. On the mirror, there’s clear red drawings and scribbles, presumably from Mom’s lipstick. It’s very clear that Mom caught the little boy redhanded, but he refuses to turn himself in.

Mom kindly confronts her toddler. “Who drew on Mommy’s mirror? Was it you?” The little boy, acting as innocent as possible, runs away from the mirror and turns to look at it. He hopes Mom doesn’t connect himself to the crime, and with some quick-thinking, the toddler instantly puts the blame on someone else. He responds, “It was Batman.”

Mom certainly was not expecting to hear this answer, and she lets out a quick chuckle. She asks the little boy if it was really Batman and confirms the answer. How adorable is this?

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