Evil Woman Did Horrific Things To Her 7-Week-Old Puppy – Then Lied When The Cops Came Calling

Animal abuse is an serious problem in our country, and sadly one that many people are willing to overlook. So, when someone notices a case of animal abuse, it’s vital they report it to animal rescuers in their area.

A woman in West Virginia is facing charges of animal cruelty after abusing a 7-week-old pit bull puppy. The puppy was found in such horrible condition that veterinarians fear he may never be able to walk again.

Michelle and the rest of the staff at the Humane society are going to remain involved in the prosecution of Tammara. Trotter is currently being cared for at Pitties and Purrs in Maryland.

Thank goodness someone stepped in and got Trotter out of that situation. Hopefully, he continues to heal and makes a full recovery.

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