Dog Throws A Hilarious Fit When His Human Starts Imitating His Every Move

I was sitting in the park the other day when I realized that pets and pet owners often start to resemble each other, don’t they? They start sharing certain attributes – mannerisms, personalities, and more. It may partially be due to their similarities attracting them to each other, or because of these similarities compounding over time.

In Oscar Filho’s case, that similarity was deliberately exaggerated by him when he decided to start imitating his friendly Boxer, Mel’s, every move. First, Oscar starts to imitate Mel’s facial features as he tries to beg for food. Mel is pretty confused, but also simultaneously amused and delighted by his owner. Eventually, he throws the funniest fit and barks and nudges Oscar with his head.

Eventually, Mel accepts that Oscar is just a fellow canine now and the two settle into a strange camaraderie of barking and whining together. This Is incredible.

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