Cop Forgets His Dash Cam Is Recording When He Walks Up To A Baby Animal And Does This.

In Michigan, the Rochester Police Department knows one thing for certain: that you never know. In this case, what the day will bring for a police officer can always be a surprise. This was the case for Officer Merlin Taylor, who responded to a call about an animal in danger. Mostly we think about officers rescuing puppies and kittens, but this officer saved a baby… skunk?

Most people are afraid of skunks because they can expel a bad odor, but this skunk was walking in circles because its head was stuck in a yogurt container. The officer walked up to the skunk bravely and took off the container, then ran away to keep from being sprayed.

Fellow officers were glad that Officer Taylor could help, saying that he was a good sport, and fast and that they all were able to laugh about it after the fact.

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