2-Year-Old Baby Dies At Parents’ Home. He Walks In And IMMEDIATELY Sees What Parents Never Did

Many parents remain unaware of the dangers involving falling furniture and young children. Shockingly, one child is killed every two weeks when a television or heavy piece of furniture falls on top of them. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a new campaign to raise awareness in an attempt to prevent these these heartbreaking tragedies.

Just a few months ago, a 2-year-old Minneapolis boy named Theodore “Ted” McGee passed away when a dresser tipped over and crushed him. His parents thought he was asleep and never heard any sounds or screams coming from his room.

In 2005, Judy and Jack Lambert’s 3-year-old daughter, Katie, was killed when a large wardrobe in her bedroom fell on top of her. Her parents heard the crash and immediately ran into her room. They couldn’t even begin to fathom how their tiny little girl had managed to pull over such a heavy piece of furniture.

Hundreds of parents whose children have died in these devastating accidents never recognized the danger of dressers, bookshelves, or bulky TVs. When additional weight is placed on heavy pieces of furniture, even the weight of a small child can cause them to be unstable. Sadly, their deaths were completely preventable.

That’s why the CPSC is re-emphasizing their “Anchor-It” program with a dramatic video that demonstrates how easy it is for a heavy piece of furniture to fall onto a small child.

It only takes a few minutes to walk around your home and inspect the furniture. If it doesn’t appear safe, purchase and install inexpensive anti-tip devices that will anchor them to the wall. Many do-it-yourself anchor kits can be purchased online or you can contact a professional to do it for you.

Make sure TVs are placed on stands low to the ground and appropriate for the size and weight of that TV. Also, load dresser drawers and bookshelves with the heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top.

Teach young children that the TV and heavy furniture are not toys and should never be climbed.

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