What Happens When A Crazy Guy Allows Himself To Get Stung By A Tarantula Hawk

This particular insect’s sting has been known to induce enough pain to make a human go into paralysis for up to five minutes. So yeah, this stunt is no joke.

Peterson apparently wanted his YouTube fans to “have some respect for some of the coolest creatures on the planet,” which is why he decided to do this absolutely insane thing on video.

As much as I respect bugs that look like they could have been in Jurassic Park, my general feeling is to let them be, and hope they do the same for me. There is no way I am welcoming a Goliath birdeater spider into my house anytime soon, let alone searching for poisonous bugs to sting me.

Peterson, who is fully aware that the tarantula hawk is the largest species of wasp in North America, clearly knew what he was getting himself into, but his reaction to the sting is something else.

Check out the video below. It hurts to watch it because every second you’ll wonder whether or not Peterson will survive.

Spoiler alert: He does survive. After watching this, I’m just hoping that he thinks twice before purposefully get stung by something in the future.

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