We’re All Making A Big Mistake. We Make Our Beds All Wrong! Here’s How The Pros Do It.

Annoyed by having to make the bed? Especially with a big duvet, it can become really stressful. It’s high time we had a trick to save a few minutes — and the hassle! Here we show you how to do it right, and lightning-quick.

Turn the duvet cover inside out and spread it across the bed. The foot end is at the foot of the bed.

Chambermaids in the world’s pricier hotels use this trick to make guests’ beds. They call it the Burrito Method after the way that beloved Mexican snack is prepared. In Northern Europe they named it after a popular, rolled-up pickled herring dish. Hm. I’ll take the burrito, but in any case, it’s high time to try it out yourself!

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