This Woman Used Dollar 120,000 To Get This Body. Your Thoughts?

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

That’s the title of the famous 1988 movie that’s now threatening to end the life one model. Remember the cartoon woman in that movie, Jessica Rabbit? Now that’s where this lady’s obsession started. Pixee Fox is a 25-year-old model with an obsession of becoming the woman with the thinnest waist. To get the perfect shape, Fox decided to have almost all of her ribs removed. Even then, her “reconstruction” didn’t stop there. She had breast, hip, and facial surgery just so she could look like the cartoon woman. That’s what’s getting her in trouble now. Sad!

Turns out, the $120,000 surgery was the mistake of her life. Fox now has to put on some corset to maintain her inner organs in their place. You can’t even imagine she removed 6 of her ribs! But she forgot that “ribs don’t grow back,” as Dr. Aaron Stone told CBS.

Watch this video and judge for yourself. Is it worth it?

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