These Two Ladies Knew Their Dad Was Dying, So They Decided To Do This. I Need Tissues!

Just when you think you’re finally at the end of the rope and dropping, something happens to get your whole self-up and shinning again. It’s just like what happened to Charlie!

You see, Charlie is a nice guy. He’s a dad to two lovely daughters, Zoe and Maren. Charlie lived a good life, and then something happened to him. He fell ill. He had a brain tumor that seemed so stuck on him. He would receive his treatment once in a while. However, it finally dawned on him that this tumor was going to take his life. It couldn’t get off him. That’s so sad.

That’s when the nice decided to stop all the treatment and focus on spending his last days with his children. His two daughters loved him so dearly, so they hatched a plan to make his days lovelier. What they did to him will have you reaching for some tissues!

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