Teen Gets Cochlear Implant, Cries Tears Of Joy When She Can Hear Mom Clearly For The First Time

It got to the point where her left ear couldn’t even understand speech intelligibly, even with the help of hearing aids, so she needed a cochlear implant, a groundbreaking technology funded by The Center for Hearing and Speech in Houston, TX. This video captures the beautiful moment when her implant was turned on for the first time.

As the researcher adjusts the settings on the implant, Breanna still seems unable to hear. But all of a sudden…

“How does it sound now? Is it sounding better? Can you hear my voice now? How about mom’s voice?”

She nods and can’t help but burst into smiles. “Yes”, Breanna answers, and then tears up. It’s a pivotal moment in her life: finally given the technology to regain her hearing and realize her full potential.

The mission of The Center of Hearing and Speech is to give them access to the skills they need to be successful — listening, speaking, and literacy — with the help of these new cutting edge technologies. You can see from the sheer emotion in Breanna and her family’s faces how important this research is! Check out the video below, and visit their website here.

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