Tap Dancers Face Off Against Irish Step-Dancers In An Epic Dance Battle

The performance starts off with just two tap dancers on stage, but it quickly escalates when an Irish stepdancing trio join in. The result is an epic dance battle that will leave you completely astounded.

The video starts with a dimly-lit stage and a nighttime city landscape backdrop. First, a man tap dances on stage alone. Soon after, a partner joins him. A saxophone player follows to provide sound for the stage. Moments later, they are interrupted by stepdancers who are accompanied by a violinist.

At first, the tap dancers watch in surprise as an Irish tune plays and the stepdancers perform. Not wanting to be outdone, the tap dancers immediately counter with their own moves. This exchange goes back and forth with each team trying to out do the other.

This was a joy to watch! It’s wonderful to see different dance styles come together like this!

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