Surgeon Removes Giant Cyst From Woman’s Back And It’s Grossly Satisfying

It’s the same reason why I can watch TV shows like Embarrassing Bodies long into the night. I don’t actually enjoy looking at the weird gonads of strangers on telly, in fact I retch and shriek with revulsion the whole way through. But as I’m doing so I make sure I don’t miss so much as one second of horror. I can’t help it: I’m addicted.

So if you’re of a similar disposition, then this next video will probably make your day. Dr Sandra Lee (aka: Dr Pimple Popper) has just released this harrowing footage of a woman having a mammoth cyst removed from her back, and viewing it will either make you grin like a madman, throw-up, or both.
Dr Sandra Lee, who operates a dermatological clinic out of Southern California, has become a viral superstar on YouTube for her stomach-turning film footage of grotesque zit-bursting, boil-lancing and cyst removal, and her latest video is a beauty.

In it Dr Lee pulls the swollen and bulbous skin taut, before gently piercing it with an über-sharp scalpel. She makes a wide incision in the lump in order to remove the infected gunk that’s lying under the patient’s skin. Then, using fingers, Lee squeezes the oozing tissue out of the wound, pulling out the remainder with a pair of tweezers. Urgh!

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