Student Employee Deserves Oscar For Filming Himself Getting Fired

With Donald Trump running for the highest office in the United States instead of heading up cutthroat meetings in the boardroom, the caliber of firings in this country have fallen by the wayside. Even if his political skills are suspect, no one can deny that the man knows how to terminate an employment with panache.

Stepping up to take The Donald’s place and #MakeAmericaFiredAgain is this boss. From the evidence here, he’s not quite up to the task, but his employee makes the video worth a watch.

The employee, Cole, films the whole encounter. From the camera angle, it’s clear that the boss more than likely sees the phone out and pointing at him — he just doesn’t care.

The speech starts out as a typical firing. The boss is hesitant to begin the process, clearly a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility.

As he continues to lay out his grievances against his soon-to-be-former employee, the story begins to come out. They begin as the standard causes for termination: poor performance and misuse of company resources.

Then, he makes a hard allegation. He accuses Cole of stealing a company credit card and running away, a crime he calls a “Federal offense.” When Cole tries to defend himself saying that the fire alarm was going off, the boss counters, saying that it was clearly Cole who pulled it. After all, Cole admits to leaving a note that said, “Daddy’s gotta tinkle.”

The strangest part of the whole scene? After receiving his “severance package” of trail mix, Cole asks if they can hang out later. “Yeah, that’s fine after five,” the boss says. Very unTrumpish. Sad.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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