Street Dancer Astonishes Crowd With Perfect Moonwalk To Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal

I know I may not be the best dancer, or even be considered as a good dancer, but it’s all about having fun!

But some people are so talented that they put their skills to good use by turning them into a career. While some become professionals, others make their living by dancing in the street or even in subway trains.

All these men and women certainly have skills for what they do, but this next street performer in Paris is turning heads with one very recognizable move: the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson made the move popular with his song, “Smooth Criminal,” and the track has been popular and recognizable since. The singer may have been the master of the moonwalk, but this man comes in at a close second.

Watch the way he lifts his feet: it almost seems as if he is totally defying gravity, and I can’t help but be entranced by every move he makes.

Now watch the entire clip and deem for yourself if this street performer has totally mastered the moonwalk or not…

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