Stray Dogs Surprised Everyone After Showing Up At Funeral Of Lady Who Fed Them All Her Life

Margarita Suarez was very dedicated when it came to feeding stray dogs. The lady, from Mexico, would never fail to feed stray dogs that weren’t even hers. They used to show up at her doorstep every morning because they were sure they would be fed by the kind lady. She was so dedicated that she packed some food whenever she went out of the house in case she met a stray on the way. For Margarita, it was her way of life.

Sadly, she passed away. All her friends came from all over to bless her and bid her a final farewell. The most surprising part was that the stray dogs also showed up at her funeral. Even more surprising was that they didn’t disturb anyone or cause any distress. They just sat there, morning silently. The stray dog pack also followed the mourners to the cemetery. Once her body was ready for cremation, the dogs slowly left on their own.

The pack of dogs settled down to pay their respects to their dear dedicated friend.


They didn’t cause any ruckus and silently mourned the passing away of their beloved caretaker.


The canines weren’t the only ones to mourn Margarita. Even a bird came and mourned with the bereaved family as the funeral processions took place.


The staff at the funeral home was confused and overwhelmed by the presence of these furry friends, but after a while, they were overcome by their love and let them in.


The dogs really showed their love for the old lady. They are surely going to miss her every day.


Perhaps we can all learn something about love and compassion from Margarita. This moving story shows that animals never forget any act of kindness done for them. Share this touching story to inspire and encourage other animal lovers.