She Cuts Into The Sleeve Of Her Old T-Shirt. The End Result? I Had NO Idea!

Every house has some old T-shirts that are around which are waiting to be thrown away. What if you discovered there is a way of reusing them within your home in a very important task?

This video features an easy, cool and quick project that’s being presented by ThreadBanger. One of the presents which you can make your friend, co-worker, sister or mom happy with, is a hobo bag. If you have never known how to use a sewing machines like me, this is the DIY project you can opt for since it’s not required. To come up with this creative, cheap and cool gift, all you need is some pair of scissors, a T-shirt and about a quarter an hour to be through.

The size of the T-shirt you have used is the one which determines the size of the bag that you come up with. You have the freedom of suing shirts of different sizes and types. I liked this project since I have the freedom of customizing the end product to come up with something that fits my taste.

By watching this video, you will learn all the required steps.

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