She And Her Owner Get Lost In The Woods. Now Watch Her Do The Impossible!

When 82-year-old Rimma Bulatova left her home in Aurora, NY she brought her Bearded Collie-mix, Raia, with her. Raia is a rescue that the family adopted but little did Rimma know she would be returning the favor. Rimma and Raia wandered into the woods that has steep hills and fast creeks. On the harsh, rainy day, Rimma strayed from her usual path and quickly became lost. After hours passed, she took shelter under a tree. Her family began to notice that Rimma hadn’t returned. That’s when Raia showed up, soaking wet on their door step. They knew something was wrong and began to search for Rimma and alerted the police. “[Raia] came back home and we immediately realized that something is really strange, something is wrong,”said Marina Antoch, Rimma’s daughter-in-law. How did Raia end up back home? Rimma told her to, “Go home and get help!” Raia followed the command and ran back.

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