Reporter Acts Strange On Live TV, Then Millions Of People Watch His ‘Humiliating’ Panic Attack

A little over 10 years ago, seasoned news anchor Dan Harris went to deliver the morning headlines on Good Morning America. Little did he know, it was about to become the most embarrassing day of his life.

“Sometimes there are things holding us back from being happy, and we’re not aware of it until life hits us over the head with a frying pan,” he says. “And that is what happened to me.”

With millions of people watching, Harris suffered a panic attack on live TV. In the video below, at around :57, you can watch it happen. It’s quick and subtle, but you can see he begins to pant and stutter, and experience shortness of breath.

Harris says he felt so helpless in that moment that he abruptly stopped the segment and walked off the set. As his emotions switched from fear to humiliation, Harris realized this was all a culmination of something he knew was brewing for a long time, but never stopped to address.

With self-defeating inner voices, Harris became a workaholic over the years, driven to become a top news reporter. Ultimately, self-medicating led to his on-screen panic attack.

The scary moment, witnessed by people all over the country, led Harris on a personal journey — and one that mirrors the journey of the countless Americans who suffer from panic attacks.

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