Repo Man’s Heart BROKEN Over Elderly Couple He’s Taking Car From. Then 1 Call Changes EVERYTHING

Jim Ford, a repo man, had to go take an elderly couples car. After he heard their story, he had to do something.

“I go out and take cars,” Ford told reporters. He is co-owner of Illini Asset Recovery. His job as a repossession agent is to go and retrieve cars from people who don’t pay their bills.

Ford’s job is not easy. He shares, “I have been shot at, run over, just about everything you can imagine. I haven’t been stabbed yet.”

Many banks hire him to repossess cars but he was not prepared when he went to the home of Stan and Pat Kipping in Red Bud, Illinois. It was not easy taking their car from them.

You know, it was just one of those repos,” said Ford. “My grandparents are gone, but you know–I could see them in the Kipping’s.”

He knew why they were behind on their bills. The cost of medicine has gone up so high that they could not offered everything.

As Ford drove away, he knew he had to do something. He got about a block down the road and pulled over and called their bank.

“We’ve got to do something,” he told the bank. “How about I just pay current right now.”

Ford immediately set up a GoFund Me account and raised most of it in the first eight hours. The Kipping’s got their car back a few days later.

“We owe a drug store $500,” Pat explained. “We owe IGA, our grocery store, money. And then this happened. It’s made me think that there are very good people out there, and it’s not all bad.”

“It’s just like hitting the lottery,” Stan said. “I’m so happy. I can not believe it.”

When Ford returned the car, he and his fellow benefactors washed and detailed the car and got the oil changed for the couple. “It is just beautiful,” Pat smiles and says.

Ford has decided to reactivate the account because so many people are interested in helping others who are in the same situation. He might just be the most loved repo man in the world. Funny how his name is FORD!

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