Orphan Abandoned In Box. Years Later, Parents Look Up At Big Screen And See THIS Tear Up INSTANTLY

Prepare to meet Mackenzie Grace Walker, a pixie-like little girl with a firecracker personality and a heart swelling with love for others.

Kenzie was just one-month-old when her birth mother placed her in a cardboard box and left her near a train station in Hunan, China. Someone found Kenzie and took her to an orphanage, where she lived until she was adopted by Chuck and Kim Walker and moved to America.

Shortly after arriving in her new home, Kenzie’s parents noticed she had a remarkable talent for singing. She imitated sounds and songs with perfect pitch, sang as she played, and was always performing for her family every chance she got. Her parents harnessed Kenzie’s potential and found her a vocal teacher. Slowly but surely, Kenzie’s dream of becoming a singer began to come true.

Now, Kenzie is maturing as an artist as she performs all over the country, including huge stadiums at sporting events. Her parents’ hearts swell with joy when they watch her sing, and are particularly proud of Kenzie’s ultimate goal: helping other orphans like herself. Kenzie has partnered with an international organization to help build an orphanage and hopes her singing will spread awareness of adoption and the need to help orphaned children around the world.

“I honestly don’t remember a time I never sang,” Kenzie beamed. “I was an orphan and now I have a family and there are kids out there who are still an orphan and they don’t have a family. I need to help them because God helped me. And through God, I can help them.”

Kim and Chuck are confident that Kenzie is right where God has planned her to be all along. She was orphaned for a reason, came to America for a reason, and was blessed with a voice that God will use for a greater good. Kenzie’s life verse is Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” She clings to this truth not only for her own life, but as encouragement for others.

We look forward to watching young Kenzie’s budding career and wish her all the best!

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