New Mom And Dad Cry For Days After Their First Son Is Born. The Reason? I’m In Tears

A common example of the horrible prejudices that people hold on to are those against people born with one extra chromosome and diagnosed with Down syndrome.

They are constantly subjected to ridiculous stereotypes, and so many men and women don’t understand the truth about Down syndrome.

And the truth is, there is nothing “down” about it.

Thankfully, that fact is becoming more well known around the world.

And Oakley Peterson is here to help spread that message even further, with her touching video about her son, Welles.

Peterson and her husband, Scott, already had a beautiful baby girl, Scarlett, when they found out they were pregnant again.

Ecstatic to get to bond with a baby boy next, they had everything imagined in their head.

But when Welles was born, something happened that they didn’t expect. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The Petersons didn’t know how to react.

They didn’t understand what that means, they cried, and they struggled with figuring out how to move on with the shocking diagnosis.

That is, until they talked to a family who already has a child with Down syndrome. This family told them that Welles is going to be their biggest blessing.

Suddenly, accepting their little boy’s condition became something much more.

Now the Petersons know that Welles is especially perfect, and they feel blessed that he chose to be a part of their family.

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