New Camper Will Forever Change The Way People Will Enjoy The Outdoors From Now On

A startup from central Oregon, Nest Caravans, has caught the attention and investment capital of industry titan Airstream, with their new mini camper. Called “The Nest,” the trailer camper is made from lightweight materials like fiberglass, so that it can be towed by even the smallest cars. It is also meant to be an affordable entry level vehicle for the next generation of explorers. On the inside, it very much resembles the cabin of a small sailboat, and is just about as efficient in its use of space. And the aesthetics are superb. Designed to appeal to a younger, urban crowd, the Nest has the feel of a modern apartment, with lots of hardwood, stainless steel, and natural light from its multiple windows, including a skylight. Says designer Robert Johans “Design is Everything.” click on the link below to know more.

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