Mysterious Dragon Filmed Flying Over Mountains Has Everyone Freaked Out. This is Eerie To Death

I bet most of you will recall Chris Wallace’s brave effort to attempt a presidential debate, wherein things quickly devolved into petty squabbling and Donald Trump threatened to ignore the concept of democracy completely. For those of us who missed it for whatever reason, you’re about to see the craziest thing: a dragon. Something you thought you’d never see outside of Game of Thrones or perhaps a viewing of Shrek.

We’re all pretty familiar with the idea of a dragon: fire breathing, giant flying lizards. Its likes: eating humans and its dislikes being humans in any other capacity. The idea of a dragon in Western culture is drastically different to that in China, where they’re revered and as mythical creatures, and even celebrated in New Years’ festivities. It’s from China where this video originates, as it appears to show a dragon flying through the air, maybe on its way to meet the Khaleesi or to grant Goku a wish.

In this video by YouTuber ApexTV, it appears to show a dragon flying in plain sight, and with more than a million views already, it’s gained popularity pretty quickly:

Apparently taken by a man on the border of Laos, this unidentified flying object was originally mistaken for a bird, but upon closer view appeared to resemble a pterodactyl or a dragon (apparently, there’s more than one way to pronounce that word). Partway through the video, we get some “unedited” (always a good sign) footage of the dragon flying over the hills before flying behind another hill out of sight in a straight line. Like the existence of aliens, some people are hard to convince and others are hard to convince otherwise, and opinion is certainly… split over this video.

The first thing to note here, is that the flying object has two legs, whereas a dragon would have four. People were very quick to point this out.

Some people, though, were pretty convinced, and some enthusiasts gave us their views on why dragons could exist…

A couple, though, chose to ignore the video and zero in on the narrator’s pronunciation of “dragon”.

Never change, internet. This is the kind of conversation, full of mystery, intrigue and colourful characters, that you just don’t see in real life. Personally? Since I’m a massive fan of Skyrim, I hope this video is true so I can hope that I am the Dovahkiin, but on the other hand, it feels like a live dragon would be pretty devastating to humanity. I would also hope I could do a better video editing job, as it’s pretty obviously fake.

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