Mom OUTRAGED When She Finds Her 6-Yr-Old HANDCUFFED At School. ‘Sorry Isn’t Good Enough.’

A Chicago mom filed a lawsuit against her daughter’s school and a security guard, claiming they went too far to teach her 6-year-old daughter a lesson after she was caught doing something probably every single child has done.

Marlena Wordlow rushed to Fernwood Elementary after she got a call notifying her that her first-grader, Madisyn, had gotten in trouble, only to find her little girl physically restrained with handcuffs in a dark area under the school stairs. She became, understandably, outraged!

Wordlow then asked the school security guard why he had placed her daughter in handcuffs, to which he replied,”I’m teaching her a […] lesson. She took a piece of candy, and I handcuffed her under the stairs.”

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