Mom Freaks Out When She Puts On Virtual Reality Goggles Now See What Her Kids DO.

But two of the most prominent ones are the following: one, moms feel whatever we feel in our hearts times ten, and two, they will do everything and anything for the ones they love.

So, when Megan Kelley and her family were waiting for their dad to get out of his double organ transplant, they knew they needed to do something for their mom.

In order to pass the time — and hopefully relax her — they decided to let her try out virtual reality goggles.

These goggles have become so high tech and advanced, they can literally fool people into thinking that they’re actually experiencing whatever is being played on the little screens.

So when they gave this proposition to their mom, of course, she said yes, because she loves her kids.

But when she takes them off, it looks like she had wished she said no.

Her hilarious reactions to the roller coaster they put her on are absolutely priceless, and every single move she makes is something I can definitely see my mom making herself, if she was in the same surreal experience.

Would you try virtual reality goggles after seeing this mom’s crazy ride? I definitely want to try now!

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