Man Sits Inside Scared Pit Bull’s Cage, But Just Wait Until He Lifts His Spoon

Though this sort of situation is typically handled by animal control, Dr. Andy Mathis told the caller to bring the dog into the shelter. Mathis considered euthanizing the dog but wanted to see her condition before making any decisions.

The pit bull arrived at Granite Hills in Elberton, Ga., shortly thereafter. She was starved, dehydrated, and weighed just 20 pounds. She had a vaginal prolapse, Mathis explained on Facebook, and her poor condition sparked an internal battle within the doctor.

I posted on Facebook for advice … I told my friends, ‘Y’all, I need your advice. Practical me says I should put her to sleep, but veterinarian me wants to try and give her a chance,’ Mathis recounted on the social media site. Mathis’ friends sided with the veterinarian side of him, and so the recovery began.

The pup, later named Graycie Claire, was evaluated at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. There, doctors helped rehydrate Graycie and were able to increase her body temperature. She spent the next several days relaxing and getting her appetite back. Mathis spayed Graycie to help the prolapse.

Graycie is still in the midst of her recovery, but she’s made some important strides already. She’s eating on her own and has gained a bit of weight. The pain from her prolapse will hopefully subside soon.

Mathis explained that Graycie didn’t seem too comfortable eating — unless the doctor left the room. So, to help the pooch get accustomed to eating around others, Mathis sat in the cage with her, the two of them eating out of dog bowls.

You can see the tender moment below. Meanwhile, Graycie is still being provided with the utmost of care at Granite Hills.

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