Little boy has rough morning and cries after he falls to the floor. Cop lies down to comfort him


A sweet moment took place when an Indiana State police officer got on the ground to comfort a 4-year-old boy at school and has captured the hearts of many.

Officer Precious Cornner-Jones, 40, attended a high-five rally to support her pastor, who leads the rallies in which members of the community give high-fives to students walking into school to brighten their days and give them inspiration.


At the rally, Jones saw a young boy who seemingly laid on the floor. The boy’s mother said he was having a bad day, and has been expressing himself like this lately. Sgt. Jones then got on the ground next to him and formed her body in a similar position as his. “It wasn’t a cop moment, it was a mother moment,” she said.

Laying next to the boy, Jones said the boy shed a few tears, but she let him know that whatever was wrong it would be okay, and then wiped his tears.


By the time the encounter ended and the boy got up, everything was well again. Talking about the situation, Jones says, “I just wanted him to feel love in that moment. It was a mommy moment really.” To be noted, Jones is also a mother of three children, so she knows how children are.

The boy’s mom later gave Jones a hug and told her thank you. Jones then posted about the event on Facebook where it touched the hearts of many.

Jones writes:

An inspirational little speech from a very kind individual. If there is something to be learn from Jones, it’s to always be on the same level with someone when interacting with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your husband, mother, or child. Everyone will have their rough moments, but it’s up to us to be patient and understanding.

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Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot