Late Night Dad Takes His Daughter To A College Campus And Leaves. What The Security Footage Records Leaves Cops Horrified

A 5-year-old girl was abandoned at a college campus overnight by her father. The Utah man is facing charges after his daughter was left overnight at the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College campus. Temperatures that night dropped to 39 degrees, according to Fox 13. Security camera footage showed that the little girl waited in the same spot all night with her blanket for her dad to return.

At 7:30 the following morning, the little girl was found by Fred Frazier, the security manager for the school. The Ogden Police have launched an investigation to determine why her father abandoned her. Lt. Tim Scott said they were not sure if it was a drug induced psychosis that causes the incident or not and are waiting to interview the man.

The girl’s mother said she has had trouble with the father before but never imagine that he would do something so dangerous.

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