History Is Made On ‘The Price Is Right’ When UNTHINKABLE Happens For 1st Time EVER On Show

Three contestants from America’s beloved game show, The Price Is Right, made rare television history with a 3-way tie during the renowned Showcase Showdown.

The Price Is Right has been delighting audiences for 45 high-energy, comical years, passing from the hands of cherished host Bob Barker to comedian Drew Carey, who proclaimed, “This just may happen!” as the third contestant tried her luck at the wheel.

When the first contestant, Cathryn, reached the magical $1.00 amount on the big wheel, the audience was thrilled. When the second contestant, Manfred, also successfully spun $1.00, the crowd was ecstatic.

As Jessica, the final contestant, spun the wheel, the room filled with drama and anticipation. Could she possibly make Price Is Right history with a third perfect $1.00?

Jessica’s two spins were perfect, adding up to the coveted dollar amount, earning each contestant a cool $1,000 dollars instantly. The triumphant trio jumped for joy in classic Price Is Right style, while the audience whooped for joy.

“Three-way tie! Three-way tie!” an excited Carey announced, much to the crowd’s delight.

As news of the historic moment spreads across the internet, viewers are chiming in with their enjoyment of the big moment, the contestant’s super awesome dance moves, and overall love for the show.

“First time that I ever recall seeing three people spinning the wheel and getting a dollar. And excellent sportsmanship between the contestants too,” wrote one viewer.

“Move over Disneyland,” joked another viewer. “The happiest place on Earth is the Bob Barker Studio in CBS Hollywood!”

After the contestants caught their breath, they had a spin-off to determine who would advance to the final round, with Manfred taking the honor.

For those of us who have a long-held affection for the show, we thank the three contestants for absolutely making our day. The Price Is Right is still one of the best shows around, even after all these years.

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