He Had To Raise His Unique Daughter Alone. 8 Years Later? He Did THIS Online!

Being a single dad is never a walk in the park. Philipe will tell you that. He became a single dad when his daughter, Emma, was just 1 year old. Warm weather means a lot of ponytails and updos in Florida and this was a challenge philipe had to tackle head on. Emma was constantly complimented for her creative hairstyle by the time she was 9. No one did it better than Philipe who had now become a hairstyle pro over the years. Not only was he a better dad but a good caretaker. Styling Emma’s hair became a ritual and this was also the perfect time to bond with her daughter. He made the best braids, buns and other different hairstyles. In fact, other parents started consulting him for tips. Philipe had a brilliant idea one day and other dads are thanking him for it. This daddy-daughter duo story went viral as soon as he shared his story on Reddit in 2015.

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