Guilty Labrador Couldn’t Stand Being Scolded By Dad. So His Solution? I Can’t Stop LAUGHING!


Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They are basically furry angels sent to earth to spread joy, but even they can get a little naughty sometimes. Dog owners can testify about their precious pooches stealing food, going through the garbage or even leaving the house in a mess. The Labrador in this video was being told off by dad for being a bad boy.

Ettore was being scolded by his dad for being a bad dog. You can tell he is feeling really guilty, as he can’t even look at dad in the eye. The only way he could apologize was by getting on dad’s lap and resting his head against his chest. The man tried being firm with him, but after a while, he just had to accept his dog’s apology.

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