Goofy Uncle Uses Hilarious Voices To Tell Bedtime Story, Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

The book, popular among children’s and parents alike ever since it’s first publication in the mid 1960’s, uses repetition and lists to engage young readers and listeners. As if the book weren’t engaging enough already, this uncle’s crazy voices and antics certainly make for a memorable bed-time story!

The baby, called Margot, absolutely loves her uncle’s reading! She lets out the biggest laugh when he first begins the book, and she doesn’t stop laughing the entire time!

Well… almost. There is a hilarious moment at 1:20 when Uncle tries a new voice and Margot clearly isn’t into it. “No?” he asks. “That one didn’t do it.” Hilarious!

It’s so sweet how Margot goes back and forth from watching him and actually looking at the book. His reading is more than entertaining; it’s truly a valuable lesson for little Margot!

The man posted the video on YouTube with the caption, “I’m not sure who had more fun here.” He’s clearly pleased with himself by the end of the video as he finishes the book and lets out a “Booya!”

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