Elderly Woman Wakes Up To Find An Exotic Animal Resting On Her Chest! Now See What Happens Next

People are prone to having weird dreams sometimes, maybe after a stressful day at work or eating something they shouldn’t have. Going to bed at night is the only peace and relaxation some people get throughout their days. But not for one elderly Miami resident. At two in the morning, a 99-year old woman woke up to find a strange creature on her chest.

She called her son-in-law for help, and he rushed over immediately to see what the problem was. It turned out that the creature that had escaped to her attic was a kinkajou, an animal that is typically found in the rainforests of South America. It had escaped from its owner who lived in the same building, and was taken to the local veterinarian for safekeeping.

Thankfully, the vet knows exactly who it belongs to. Why anyone would want to keep such a wild animal, especially one that doesn’t make for a good pet, is beyond comprehension.

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