Driver Recognized Child And Mother From The News, Immediately Pulls Over And Takes Action

A woman from Papillion, Nebraska no longer has to walk with her son four miles to his school each day thanks to the kindness of one stranger.

Kim Bellus and her son Gabe were walking two miles to his elementary school and home each day because a seemingly random Nebraska law won’t allow buses to pick up students that live within four miles of the school. Kim couldn’t afford a car, so she didn’t really have much more choice than to walk. Gabe says about the long haul, “I’m kind of tired. I’m really tired when I get back.”

The local news heard about her story and did a news report about the mother and son. That’s when one woman saw them walking and decided to help.

Becky Novotny one day pulled over and asked Kim, “Ma’am are you the [woman] from the news?”

Kim said yes and Novotny then gave them a ride. Novotny said, “I took them home. We set up the deal where i’d come get him and drop him off every day so he doesn’t have to walk to school. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I have three kids. If I was in the same situation, I think I want someone to help me. It’s a small town. You’re there for everybody.”

Kim appreciates the help. She says, “I had nowhere else to turn. I tried with the school. I tried with the administration. I tried particularly with the school itself, so I greatly appreciate [the] help.”

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