Crowd Watches Circus Tiger Get Whipped ‘Mercilessly’ After Turning On Trainer. This is Brutal

A trainer working with a tiger at Florida’s Pensacola Interstate Fair found herself in a bit of trouble. The 2-year-old tiger nudged her leg, and she lost her balance and then the animal was on top of her. A member of the audience captured the incident on video. The tiger can be seen trying to mouth at her legs as she hits him in the face.

A male trainer enters the ring and whips the tiger. The tiger named Gandhi grabs the female trainers leg and drags her across the enclosure. Children in the audience stare in horror. The trainer, Vicenta Pages, did not sustain any serious injuries, which is lucky because most tiger attacks are fatal.

This video is disturbing to watch. But it is just more proof that wild animals should be left alone. It shouldn’t be a surprise when a wild animal attacks a human, to them, we are prey.

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