4-Year-Old At Grocery Store Calls Lonely Widower Old, And Mom Is Floored By His Response

On the day before her big day, Norah happened to explain to Tara her affinity for elderly folks — their soft skin, their slow-moving gestures, and how — since they’re reaching the end of their lifespans — she wants to “love ‘em all up before they is died.”

Tara was so touched by Norah’s words that she shared them on her Facebook page.

The next day was Norah’s birthday, and after school, Tara took her to the grocery store to buy some cupcakes.

After browsing the bakery, they stopped at a clearance section — and before Tara knew it, Norah was standing up in the shopping cart and waving directly at an old man standing in the same aisle.

“Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!” she proclaimed, desperate for the “stone-faced and furrow-browed” man to respond with just as much excitement.

Tara was mortified that Norah called him an “old person.” She wanted to apologize profusely, then quickly be on their way.

But just as Tara was about to shush Norah, the elderly man stopped and turned to look right at the little girl.

What happened next began a chain of reactions that changed the lives of not only the elderly man, but also Tara, Norah, and their entire family.

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