3-Year-Old Saves Mom’s Life When She Collapses. But There Is Something More About It.

I believe everyone in this life has someone he/she thinks of when the word hero comes into mind.

It can be someone that you are so close to or a person who has always inspired you to be the person you are today. Though what we relate the word with differ, but always one thing stands – heroes bring along special memories.

Despite that, I believe we will all agree that the little boy in the clip below deserves to be called a real hero.

Guy, a 3-year-old kid reacted in the best way when he encountered a desperate situation. He did not get scared when his mom had a seizure after falling on the floor.

He remained calm and called 911. Given that the little boy experiences speech delay while taking, it was such a huge achievement. I believe not every 3-year-old out there can remain calm and act so quick when faced with such a situation. Though the operator could not get him well due to his condition, Guy was patient enough and never lost hope until he had passed across the information. Finally, an ambulance showed up and his mom’s life was saved.

Guy was adopted and his mom says reveals that he is so smart and already has ambitions of being a doctor one day.

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