3 Cows Left Stranded By 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake In New Zealand. This Is What Happened To Them.

If the disaster is bad enough, like a high-magnitude earthquake, trying to adjust back to real life afterward can be tough.

How do you get back to normal when an earthquake destroys your home? Or a tornado rips through your town? It is all scary, but what is even scarier is that we can lose our animals in these disasters.

After New Zealand was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, news broke that three cows survived the danger only to become trapped on a small island of grass.

If they weren’t rescued fast, they risked falling to their death or starving. Their owner was not going to let either of those outcomes happen.

Even though it was dangerous and the ground around him and the cows could have crumbled, the farmer dug a trench to rescue the stranded animals.

But the cows desperately needed water and care, so he set to work and thankfully we no longer have to worry about these animals! Hopefully, their home and lives get back to normal very soon.

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