Woman Walks To Her Car To Find It Attached On A Tow-Truck, What She Does… This Is Absolutely Crazy!


I think the worst thing ever to experience is then you walk towards your vehicle and then you realize that it has been joined to a tow truck. This means that you need to clear some paper work and fee charges for violating some parking rules before you can freely drive away.

Actually, in such a situation, you will need to watch your car being towed to some other place, where it will be parked until you are done with the clearing.

That is the time you wish that you would have arrived 10 minutes earlier maybe it would not have happened.

Clearly, the chances are that you went against some rule clearly stated on a nearby placard, but this only makes you more irritated of the fix you are already in.

In the clip below, we meet a woman who turned out to be a hero to those who thought that they could be able to remove the car from being towed and drive away.

Instead of facing the tow-truck driver, she just entered her car, which was already towed to a rig and drives away as if nothing happened.

She never drives at a normal pace, a speed that keeps distance between her car and the tow truck.

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Source: http://crazy.viralstories.tv/woman-walks-car-find-attached-tow-truck-absolutely-crazy#