Woman Transforms Plastic 1 Dollar Vase Into A Beautiful Dining Room Centerpiece

In this particular clip, this woman bought three cheap plastic vases in an effort to redecorate them into a newer, improved plastic vase.

If you look at the detail of the vase before it was painted, you can tell that this vase might be overlooked or just regarded as simply “another vase.” But with just spraying paint all over it, the paint slightly changes the detail.

The results, I must say, are pretty fantastic. Being that the final product looks completely different than the original, I’d say that the DIY impromptu art project was a job well done.

Using only spray paint, this vase turned into a whole new object!

Her quick and easy spray-paint technique is reminiscent of this simple Elmer’s glue trick you can use to transform a cheap vase into sea glass. Just a single drop of food dye, and you can take a vase you bought at a dollar store and make it into a smooth and lightly colored masterpiece.

There are so many varieties of crafts one can do on a day off, but the best kinds are those involving little to no supplies.

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