A Woman Is Going Viral For Her Creepy Feet With Toes That Are As Long As Her Fingers



Dailymail – A Taiwanese woman is driving the internet crazy this week after posting pictures of her digits.

Her pictures, which first appeared on Chinese-language blog site Dcard, leaves millions of web users puzzled over whether they are fingers or toes.

Many of them are stunned to discover later that these digits are her toes and the longest one measures an incredible five centimetres (two inches).

Congrats to this girl for being the first person to have a two inch-long appendage described as “incredible,” a noteworthy achievement for sure. But overall, and this is total pot talk so bear with me, but something so freaky has to be a deliberate evolutionary thing right? Like this chick is reportedly 4’11 and has these dextrous toes so she’s basically the real life equivalent of the super powers out there. Because the thing is that while this is technically some sort of human deformity, it’s one of those things where having toes on your feet would be more functional/tactile and theoretically make you an improved human. I mean if you think about it, what evolving have humans really been doing in the last few millenniums? We went from goo to hunched over apes to our current selves but physically it seems like we’ve tapped out. So maybe nature is like “Fuck it, let’s start giving people some finger toes” to spice things up. Maybe in a few generations feet turn to hands and legs to arms. Who knows man. All I know is I’ve seen an X-Men movie or two and I’m preemptively siding with the mutants just to be safe.

By the way, knowing the internet and the secret society of dudes who love jacking it to lady feet, I’m positive someone somewhere is having a vigorous orgasm due to the wacky Taiwanese feet in this blog. I don’t want to know which of you is doing it…but I want you to know I know and am shaking my head in disbelief at you right now. Foot people man. I envy how every public place during the Summer is basically a strip club for them but everything else about them is a perturbing mystery.

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