Woman Drips Paint Onto A Canvas To Create Expensive-Looking Wall Art

Do you have a lot of blank space on the walls in your house or apartment?

Not everyone feels like shelling out a ton of money just to decorate, but blank walls can become an eyesore. There’s a simple solution: make something yourself!

If you’re not the most creative person or you’re often pressed for time, this never seems to be an option for you. How does anyone find time to craft?

Home Made Simple interior design expert Kim Myles has the perfect project to bring life to your bare walls. A Jackson Pollock–inspired drip wall art!

The project is simple enough, anyone can do it! All you need is acrylic paint, turkey basters, and some water. Kim gives step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this piece on a giant canvas.

Choosing two colors for each canvas, she poured the paint into cups. To give the paint the drip effect, she mixes the paint with water until it has a cream-like substance. Then, using their turkey basters, they pour it on the canvas.

Watching the paint drip is probably the only time you’ll ever actually believe that watching paint dry is fun! I think that is half the interest of this piece of art, seeing where each drip stops on the canvas to create a beautiful visual.

If you liked this idea for simple but pretty wall art, then you will love this idea of turning your old shower curtain into a piece of art at a very fair price!

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