When This Guy Starts A Conversation With His Cat, The Response He Gets Is UNBELIEVABLE!

We let them know that it’s time to go outside or that they need to stop doing whatever inappropriate behavior they may be doing. But, that’s not exactly the kind of talking that I’m thinking about right now.

I mean actually having a conversation with your pet, like they’re going to turn around and answer you. LOL, to be completely honest, I do! I really don’t expect them to answer me, but I do talk to them anyway.

Once in a while, I even get a response, a bark or a meow! The man in the video below lives with his feline friend. And in this clip we’re lucky enough to see a conversation that he had with his kitty.

The cat answers with a resounding MEOW after every single question he asks! You can truly tell that this man and his cat care deeply for one another. The cat is so laid back, with his slow blinks and his short meows, you can tell that they’ve had these deep conversations before.

Aren’t they sweet with one another? It’s a very ‘mutual respect’ kind of relationship and it’s easy to see that each one finds companionship and love in the other!

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